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I am a passionate software consultant/analyst and designer/developer whose expertise include software testing and customer support, data analysis, creating software, mobile & PC applications, websites, interactive programs and graphics. I work as an application support analyst for IRM Ltd in the cyber security market and love working in such an exciting industry. My skills and knowledge of programming languages includes HTML, CSS, Javascript, ActionScript, XML, PHP and SQL. I am proficient using Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Jaspersoft Studio and Salesforce CRM and have a strong knowledge of IT.

Here is a link to my CV if you may be interested in hiring me for any work.

I have been developing websites for several years now, creating personal, educational and commercial sites. Web design is a hobby and profession that I thoroughly enjoy!

Having a fully drawn out plan is an essential building block for web design & web development, as well as technical competence and strong attention to detail. I feel to fulfill the standards of todays technology, it's important for a website to have an organised structure and function efficiently on all platforms. Therefore, I ensure my websites are cross-browser compatible, pass w3c validation and have a solid structure on mobile devices, with mobile compatibility key in today's industry.

Below are a few hand-picked examples of website work I have completed.

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View Track Engineering Ltd SiteView Track Engineering Ltd Site

I recently created a new website for a Bristol based Track Engineering and Railway Company with a fluid, responsive website design and colour scheme suited to the Rail Industry.

I sent the client an inital website design proposal that I created using Adobe Photoshop software. The client provided me with ideas and requests which I used as a basis for creating the design, such as the colour scheme, font styles and images to use. The website was then put together for the client using Adobe Dreamweaver CC.

The client was very satisfied with the end product, thanking me for my expertise in this work, ideas and help provided throughout.

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View Shaun Dent Wordpress SiteView Shaun Dent Site

I have experience working with Web Content Management Systems, most notably Wordpress. I have created CMS websites for development projects in the past, used mainly as a blogging platform to promote products and the story of their development. I was approached by English Teacher Shaun Dent to produce a Wordpress Website for them to use as advertisement site and blogging platform.

I originally designed a site layout using HTML and CSS, then once the client confirmed they were pleased with that initial design I then converted the site into a wordpress child theme. I setup and amended the PHP and HTML within the child theme's PHP file to meet the clients demands.

Unfortunately the clients website is no longer live; However, copies of the website files are available upon request. Click the image above to view a screenshot of a page from the website, a snippet of the PHP code written and a screenshot of a graphic designed for the website.

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View BLCS SiteView BLCS Site

I have taken on a Webmaster role with BLCS. I am currently creating a new website for the company, to replace the current website on the domain, created by the company.

The website has been created from scratch (hand-coded and graphics) and is set up to provide clients and potential customers with our businesses services and information.

Please feel free to take a look at the BLCS Website by clicking here or on the image above. (NOTE: Website is currently hosted through dropbox, awaiting upload to BLCS hosting space)

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MyGlos is an application for students of the University of Gloucestershire, providing them with essential materials and interactive features to aid them through their univeristy life. The application was built using the Adobe AIR platform and functions on Android and PC platforms. It utilises ActionScript 3, XML, PHP and SQL code.

The product was created to be produced at the ComX12 Computing Exhibition at the University of Gloucestershire. I thought up the MyGlos concept as I believed it would be a useful and interesting application for fellow students to use. The app was designed not only help students with their education, but to provide a source of important student information, help organise your day to day student live and to interact with other students on interesting subjects. I was the project manager of this project and designed and developed the majority of the application.

View MyGlos CalculatorView MyGlos Calculator
View MyGlos ReferencingView MyGlos Referencing

Unfortunately, the hosting space for the MyGlos Application has expired so sections of the application are not operational at this time (mostly sections featuring PHP and MySQL). However, the application is available upon request and I have provided links to features of the application that don't require online hosting, the Harvard Referencing and Calculator features to the right.

Below are links to videos demonstrating a few of the other features within the MyGlos Application:
Calendar Demonstration Video
Maps Demonstration Video
Settings Demonstration Video

View Visualsation SWFView Visualsation SWF

E-Learning Program

I have completed various projects using Adobe Flash over many years for different purposes. The following example is a Visualisation learning program created to teach users on the subject of Hydropower Plants. The program was created as a university assignment for a visualisation module. For this module I received a first grade and I thoroughly enjoyed creating this program.

View Tune Of The Week Site DesignView Tune Of The Week Site Design

Tune Of The Week Blog Design

I am currently working on creating a blog website named Tune of the Week. This is a personal website project I have started up, which fuses my passion for web design, music and graphic design skills to showcase my favourite songs of the week or top albums of the year in blog posts. The blog is currently undergoing construction; however here is the template design I have created for the website. The graphics and wireframe for the website have been constructed by myself using Adobe Photoshop software.